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Translation of Khromov’s book on the Yaghnobi language March 29, 2007

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While I was in Tajiksitan I scanned a copy of The Yagnobi Language by A. L. Khromov, 1972, Moscow. Recently, Gulruh Muhtarova has been kind enough to translate two sections for me. I have provided links to copies of all the chapters as well as the translated sections.

4/10/07 Update: bulbul has begun translating additional sections. I have added a link to the English translation of the section on adjectives, and translations of additional sections are coming!

I have listed the table of contents below along with links to the original text and the three translated sections: nouns, adjectives (from the chapter on morphology), and Syntax of Sentences. If anyone else has translated sections of this book, I would be glad to post them here as well. Also, if you have any suggestions for improvements to the translation please post them in a comment. (more…)


Yaghnobi copular clauses March 19, 2007

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I just finished writing the first draft of an article on Yaghnobi copular clauses. I’m posting it with the hope that I can get some feedback on my description and analysis. The article is attached here:

 Yaghnobi Copular Clauses  See the update at the end of this post for a revised version of this article.

Here is an overview of the article: (more…)

Yaghnobi Orthography March 17, 2007

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Yaghnobi is mainly a spoken language with very little modern written literature. I say very little modern written literature since the Yaghnobi language is a descendant of one of the dialects of Sogdian and there was a rich body of written literature in Sogdian. This ancient Sogdian literature is the literarary heritage of the Yaghnobi people.

The two systems that have been used for transcribing Yaghnobi are a Latin phonetic system which was commonly employed by Russian linguists during the Soviet period, and the modified Cyrillic alphabet which is also used for the Tajik language. A comparison of the two systems is shown in this Acrobat (.pdf) file: Cyrillic-IPA-Latin transcription chart. The Tajik Cyrillic alphabet has been used in the Yaghnobi textbooks printed for use in grades 1 – 4 in public schools in Yaghnobi speaking areas of Tajikistan. (more…)

Annotated Yaghnobi language bibliography March 15, 2007

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I have listed all of the publications regarding the Yaghnobi language that I have seen, or seen cited. If you know of any other works on the Yaghnobi language, please add them in a comment. If you need access to any of these works , I will be glad to help you get a copy of those I am able to access. (more…)

Online Yaghnobi-Tajik-English lexicon March 14, 2007

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While I was in Tajikistan I compiled a Yaghnobi-English-Tojiki lexicon using Lexique Pro. The sources for the lexicon were written and spoken texts, as well as elicitation sessions with language consultants. The Yaghnobi and Tajik entries are written in modified Cyrillic orthography. The pronunciation of some of the Yaghnobi words is also given in IPA. When I have time, I will add the pronunciation for more words.

I put quite a bit of effort into the accuracy of the lexicon and much of it was checked by my Yaghnobi consultants, but I’m sure that there are still corrections to be made so I will look forward to any and all constructive comments.

For the latest information on the lexicon, to access the web version, or to download the lexicon, go to the Online Yaghnobi lexicon static web page, or click on the tab with that name at the top of this blog