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Translation of Khromov’s book on the Yaghnobi language March 29, 2007

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While I was in Tajiksitan I scanned a copy of The Yagnobi Language by A. L. Khromov, 1972, Moscow. Recently, Gulruh Muhtarova has been kind enough to translate two sections for me. I have provided links to copies of all the chapters as well as the translated sections.

4/10/07 Update: bulbul has begun translating additional sections. I have added a link to the English translation of the section on adjectives, and translations of additional sections are coming!

I have listed the table of contents below along with links to the original text and the three translated sections: nouns, adjectives (from the chapter on morphology), and Syntax of Sentences. If anyone else has translated sections of this book, I would be glad to post them here as well. Also, if you have any suggestions for improvements to the translation please post them in a comment.

The transcriptions of Yaghnobi in the translation are not quite correct. This is partly because neither of us completely understand the Latin-phonetic transcription system that was used and partly due to font limitations. If anyone can help me correct the transcirptions I would greatly appreciate it! Please refer to the copies of the original text to get the correct transcription of Yaghnobi words and sentences.

Ягнобский язык

References used for translation

ABBYY Lingvo 11 Russian-English Dictionary

Babel Fish Translation



1. Pavel Lurye (Lurje) - April 2, 2007

Dear Mr. Brian Bird,
Thank you so much for making your Yaghnobi-studies publically available! It is all very interesting, really. I have just found your blog (which was announced by James Ward on the Sogdian_L newslist on Yahoo), and hope I can read your lexicon in the near future.

Thank you also for the electronic copy of Yagnobskij Jazyk of Khromov. However, having printed it out, I relized that pp. 98-103, 116-117 and 120-129 are missing. Can you scan and upload it? Otherwise, I can scan these pages in a library nearby (Institute of Indo-European Studies of Vienna University does have it) and send it to you.

Thank you again,
Best wishes,

Pavel Lurye
(Institute of Iranian Studies,
Austrian Academy of Sciences)

2. birdswords - April 4, 2007

Dear Mr. Pavel Lurye,

I am very glad that you have found this blog interesting. Thank you also for letting me know about the missing pages and offering to scan them. I had the pages on my computer, so I was able to revise the files. In the file “Khromov_7_dialects.pdf”, you will now find pages 96-105. In “Khromov_8_bilingualism.pdf” you will now find pages 104-119.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Best regards,
Brian Bird
University of Oregon

3. bulbul - April 8, 2007

Try here for the translation of the chapter on adjectives and tell me how you like it.

4. birdswords - April 8, 2007

Thank you so much for contributing to the translatiton of this book! Your translation looks great! May I add this to the Khromov post in my blog? Or, if you would like me to add you as a contributor to this blog you can add this and future materil yourself.

5. bulbul - April 8, 2007


my pleasure, please feel free to add the adjectives to this post.
Also, please find the chapter on numerals here, but this one is definitely going to need some proofreading. Alas, my Russian skillz aren’t what they used to be and the transcription probably needs checking to. I use the Lucinda Sans Unicode font and I get my weird characters from this picker.
As for our further cooperation, please drop me an email at bulbulovo[at]gmail.com so I can have a direct line to you. My schedule is pretty crazy, so we’ll have to see what we can do.

6. Pavel Lurye (Lurje) - April 20, 2007

Thank you very much!

7. BOOJAN - April 22, 2010

Hi I am Boojan from Iran, I am studing M,A in anceint languages an Iran an I am really intrested in the east-Iranic languages,

Please keep in touch with me we can share ideas and information

sincerely yours,


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