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Aspects of Yaghnobi Grammar

Table of Contents

Front Matter

  1.  Introduction
    1. History of the Yaghnobi People
    2. Status of the Yaghnobi Language
    3. Scope and Methodology of this Study
  2. Overview of the Yaghnobi Language
    1. Language Family
    2. Typology
    3. Phonology and Orthography
  3. Nominal Morphology
    1. Nouns 
    2. Inflectional Morphology
    3. Derivational Morphology
    4. Determiners
    5. Pronouns
    6. Demonstratives
    7. Spatial Relators
  4. Verbal Morphology
    1. Verbs
    2. Copulas
  5. Grammatical Relations
    1. Core Verb Arguments
    2. Obliques
  6. Copular Clauses
    1. Equation and Proper Inclusion
    2. Attribution
    3. Location
    4. Existence
    5. Possession

Back Matter

  1. Appendicies
    1. List of Abbreviations
    2. Iranian Language Family
    3. Yaghnobi Text
    4. Yaghnobi-English-Tajik Lexicon
    5. Additional Reading
  2. References


1. Nimaryn - January 10, 2009

I thank you for this precious work. I have downloaded your thesis and I think it is so useful for me.

Bahrom - January 10, 2009

I’m glad you are finding my thesis useful. What is your particular area of interest?

Bahrom - October 10, 2009

I’m glad my thesis is helpful for your research. I would be very interested in reading your paper when it is done.

2. ML - July 10, 2009

I’m not sure “copular clauses” is the proper wording. Etym. correct, in English “copulate” is permanently associated only with sex.

I like your work though.

Bahrom - July 11, 2009

Look up the word copula. You will find that phrases containing copulas are commonly called copular clauses in the literature.

3. Simone - October 10, 2009

Dear Brian,

Thank you very much for your precious work! I am about to write a short paper towards my degree in comparative-historical linguistics. I will be comparing the verbal systems of Sogdian and Yaghnobi. Your thesis will be very, very helpful!!


4. Dilshod - January 15, 2012

Thanks, Brian, for this interesting work.

Dilshod Rahimov
Rudaki Institute of Language and Literature

Bahrom - January 23, 2012

Hello Dilshod, it’s good to hear from you. My wife and I have fond memories of our studies at the Rudaki Institute of Langauge and Literature!

5. Polyglot Ed - December 28, 2013

Thanks for uploading this! I’m glad others out there are interested in Yaghnobi!

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