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Junker’s Yaghnōbī Studien June 20, 2011

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The first monographical account on the Yaghnob valley and the Yaghnobi Language by Heinrich Franz Josef Junker:


Yaghnobi-Czech Dictionary May 9, 2011

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ЯҒНОБӢ•ЧЕХӢ ЛУҒАТ яғнобӣ ‎зивоки дастури феҳрастипӣ

JAGHNÓBSKO•ČESKÝ SLOVNÍK ‎s přehledem jaghnóbské gramatiky

(Yaghnobi-Czech Dictionary with an overview of Yaghnobi grammar) (more…)

Yaghnobi Language on Facebook November 15, 2010

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If you are interested in the Yaghnobi language, please join the Facebook group Яғнобӣ зивок (Yaghnobi Language / Забони яғнобӣ).

A. Gunya – Yaghnob Valley July 21, 2010

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Link for a book of A. Gunya – Yagnob valley – Nature, History, and Changes of a Mountain Community Development in Tajikistan, Moscow 2002.

The Ethnolinguistic Vitality of Yaghnobi July 17, 2010

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A survey on Yaghnobi published on the SIL website – SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2010-017: The ethnolinguistic vitality of Yaghnobi by Daniel Paul, Elisabeth Abbess, Katja Müller, Calvin Tiessen and Gabriela Tiessen.

Bogolyubov’s Yaghnobi Language from The Languages of the USSR March 17, 2010

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Here you can download Bogolyubov’s article on the Yaghnobi Language form the book The Languages of the USSR – Михаил Николаевич Боголюбов: Ягнобский язык. In: В. В. Виноградов (ed.): Языки народов СССР. Том первый: Индоевропейские языки. Москва (: Наука), 1966, p. 342-361. (45 MB)

Aspects of Yaghnobi Grammar – Thesis Finished! July 21, 2008

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In December of last year I submitted my thesis on Yaghnobi grammar to the graduate school of the University of Oregon. After serveral rounds of review and revision, the thesis was accepted. Printed copies are available in the U of O Knight Library and the Linguistics departmentLibrary. I have also uploaded a down-loadable copy  to this blog. Many thanks for all the critique, suggestions, and comments. I have incorporated all of your feedback in one way or another to make this a much better description of Yaghnobi grammar. (more…)

Draft of Aspects of Yaghnobi Grammar November 5, 2007

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Today I submitted a draft of my MA thesis, Aspects of Yaghnobi Grammar, to my thesis review committee. I am also posting a copy here. I would appreciate the time any of you may take to read this draft and value any comments that you might make. There are still some issues with formatting, hopefully these won’t distract you from the content. (more…)

Phonology of Yaghnobi July 25, 2007

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Concerning phonology of Yaghnobi language, there are many aspects not clearly solved yet. The only available work about this problematique is an old article by V. S. Sokolova in Očerki po fonetike iranskix jazykov, unfortunately I haven’t seen this work yet. From two main articles by A. L. Xromov I tried to compile the basis of Yaghnobi phonological structure. (more…)

The Yaghnobi affix /i/ July 17, 2007

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The affix /i/ in Yaghnobi appears to be highly polysemous. As a prefix, it can function as an indefinite aritcle, or as the number one (a common set of shared meanings cross lingustically). As a suffix, it can function as a marker for locative, genetive, nominative, or accusative (in perfective aspect) cases. It also appears on any noun that is preceded by a number, functions as a denominalizer, appears on nominal elements in complex predicates, and marks purpose on participles.

The intuition of all three of my language consultants was that /i/ is a single phoneme. Furthermore, in transcriptions of Yaghnobi texts done by other linguists, this morpheme was always transcribed the same way. Since it is so unusual for one phonological segment to have such a wide range of functions I wanted to be sure that this was really a single phoneme (yes, I know this word has been depricated, but how else would you epress this concept?). My language consultant usually interpreted this segment as [i], but sometimes he perceived it as [i:], or [e] so I made acoustic measurements of F1, F2, and vowel length of the /i/ affix uttered in sentences which had each of the different meanings or functions listed above. The results are available in this paper: The Yaghnobi i affix.

(This paper was also origianally an appendix to a longer paper on the Yaghonbi /i/ affix, as was the paper I posted on Yaghnobi Vowels.)

Disclaimer: This is just a preliminary study. The phonetic data presented here is all from one highly fluent language consultant (my teacher, Saifiddin Mirzoev). The grammatical analysis, however, is based on five different sources.

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