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Yaghnobi-Czech Dictionary May 9, 2011

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ЯҒНОБӢ•ЧЕХӢ ЛУҒАТ яғнобӣ ‎зивоки дастури феҳрастипӣ

JAGHNÓBSKO•ČESKÝ SLOVNÍK ‎s přehledem jaghnóbské gramatiky

(Yaghnobi-Czech Dictionary with an overview of Yaghnobi grammar) (more…)


Aspects of Yaghnobi Grammar – Thesis Finished! July 21, 2008

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In December of last year I submitted my thesis on Yaghnobi grammar to the graduate school of the University of Oregon. After serveral rounds of review and revision, the thesis was accepted. Printed copies are available in the U of O Knight Library and the Linguistics departmentLibrary. I have also uploaded a down-loadable copy  to this blog. Many thanks for all the critique, suggestions, and comments. I have incorporated all of your feedback in one way or another to make this a much better description of Yaghnobi grammar. (more…)

Yaghnobi Orthography March 17, 2007

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Yaghnobi is mainly a spoken language with very little modern written literature. I say very little modern written literature since the Yaghnobi language is a descendant of one of the dialects of Sogdian and there was a rich body of written literature in Sogdian. This ancient Sogdian literature is the literarary heritage of the Yaghnobi people.

The two systems that have been used for transcribing Yaghnobi are a Latin phonetic system which was commonly employed by Russian linguists during the Soviet period, and the modified Cyrillic alphabet which is also used for the Tajik language. A comparison of the two systems is shown in this Acrobat (.pdf) file: Cyrillic-IPA-Latin transcription chart. The Tajik Cyrillic alphabet has been used in the Yaghnobi textbooks printed for use in grades 1 – 4 in public schools in Yaghnobi speaking areas of Tajikistan. (more…)