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Online Yaghnobi-Tajik-English lexicon March 14, 2007

Posted by Bahrom in Linguistics, Semantics, Yaghnobi.
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While I was in Tajikistan I compiled a Yaghnobi-English-Tojiki lexicon using Lexique Pro. The sources for the lexicon were written and spoken texts, as well as elicitation sessions with language consultants. The Yaghnobi and Tajik entries are written in modified Cyrillic orthography. The pronunciation of some of the Yaghnobi words is also given in IPA. When I have time, I will add the pronunciation for more words.

I put quite a bit of effort into the accuracy of the lexicon and much of it was checked by my Yaghnobi consultants, but I’m sure that there are still corrections to be made so I will look forward to any and all constructive comments.

For the latest information on the lexicon, to access the web version, or to download the lexicon, go to the Online Yaghnobi lexicon static web page, or click on the tab with that name at the top of this blog



1. Esfandiar - March 15, 2007

Dear Friends,

My name is Esfandiar. You’ve done a great job! Thanks a lot.

I want to report about this, shall you leave me your numbers so that I contact you and interview for BBC Persian (Radio and Onlin edition)?

I will appreciate much.


2. birdswords - March 15, 2007

I will be happy to give an interview. I will contact you with my phone number by e-mail.


3. Esfandiar - March 16, 2007

Thank you very much Brian,

My contact numbers are:

Office: 00-992372-217370
Mobile: 00-992907-727697
email: zumspenta@yahoo.com


4. birdswords - March 27, 2007

Hello Esfandiar,

Did you get the e-mails I sent you? I didn’t want to post my contact information publicly (it attracts spammers), so I e-mailed it to you.

Best regards,

5. thomas loy - April 27, 2007

Hi Brian,

hope you remember me! we met at sajfiddin’s house in November. congratulations for your dictionary. very well done. I have heard, that Sajfiddin will come to Berlin in June/July. He was invited by Desmond Durkin Meisterernst (Turfanforschung Academy of Sciences, Berlin) There is a Yaghnobi language lesson taught by him this semester, as well as a summer school for Yaghnobi in Italy this summer, too. Sajfiddin will take part.

Do you have a telefone number of Sajfiddin? mine doesn’t work! I want to contact him before he leaves…
all the best, greetings to your wife (did she finish the translation already??) I would be happy to read through it!!

all the best

6. Bahrom - May 1, 2007

Hi Thomas, it’s great to hear from you! I’ve sent you a private e-mail with Saifiddin’s phone number.

Amanda has posted the first chapter of her translation of Amomov’s book on our blog. If there seems to be interest (if people leave comments) she’ll probably post more.

Best wishes!

7. Fernand Dhondt - May 25, 2007

Dear Brian,

I have just returned from Dushanbe, to coordinate with Saifiddin the financial aid we raised in my home country Flanders, aimed at re-editing textbooks in Yaghnobi for the second and third grades and to build a boarding school for the children in the Yaghnob Valley (see our website www. pullak.org). Saifiddin has indeed been invited to Germany by an organisation furthering the exchange of of academicians. He will leave on 31 May and will deliver lectures on the Yaghnobi in Germany and Italy.

In solidarity with the Yaghnobi people.


8. Bahrom - June 1, 2007

Thank you for the update on your work. The reprinting of these textbooks is a very important step for the ongoing revitalization of the Yaghnobi language.

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