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Nawa Sol nuborak vot! – A Yaghnobi New Year’s Song December 1, 2008

Posted by آستان in folklore, Yaghnobi.

Here you can hear a Yaghnobi New Year’s song “Náwa Sṓl nubṓrak vṓt!” (Let’s Celebrate the New Year!, Tajik Соли нав муборак бошад!), the original version in Yaghnobi version of Cyrillic alphabet and latin transcription can be seen here (Originally the song is published in a book of Sayfiddin Mirzozoda: Dasturi zaboni yaɣnobī, Dušanbe 2008, p.219). The Song is sung in an transitional dialect of Yaghnobi (it can be a dialect of villages Sōkan and Qūl). Please note that in Yaghnob New Year begins on March 12th on the Sunny side (Офтобрӯй) and on March 18th in the Shady side (Соярӯй), traditionally New Year (Наврӯз) starts on March 21st in Tajikistan.

[splashcast c ZKND9664EC]



1. man191817 - September 29, 2009

splashcast is dead 😦
can you upload it on youtube?


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