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Annotated Yaghnobi language bibliography March 15, 2007

Posted by Bahrom in Book Review, Linguistics, Yaghnobi.
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I have listed all of the publications regarding the Yaghnobi language that I have seen, or seen cited. If you know of any other works on the Yaghnobi language, please add them in a comment. If you need access to any of these works , I will be glad to help you get a copy of those I am able to access.

  1. Andreyev, M. S., E. M. Peshereva. 1957. Yagnobi texts and supplementary Yagnobi-Russian dictionary, Moscow – Leningrad. (Андреев, M. C. Е. М. Пещерева. Ягнобские тексты с приложением ягнобско-русского словаря. )
  2. This is a compilation of Yaghnobi stories written using latin phonetic transcription. Each story is followed by a linguistic commentary in Russian. There is an appendix with a Yaghnobi-Russian dictionary. (According to S. Mirzoev, the dictionary contains far more Tajik loan words than actual Yaghnobi words.)

    I have an electronic copy of most the body of this book (not the appendix), but have not found a translation in English.

  3. Bartholomae, Vorgelegt von Chr. 1914. Drei erzählungen auf yagnåbi, herausgegeben (German and Yaghnobi). ed. Junker, Heinrich F. J. Sitzungsberichte der Heidelberger akademie der dwissenschaften. Heidelberg: C. Winter.
  4. This book is in the U of O library. I’ve asked one of my colleagues to translate the table of contents and will know more about this book soon.

  5. Bielmier, Roland. 1989. Yaghnobi. Compendium Linguarum Iranicarum. Wiesbaden: Reichert. 480 – 488.
  6. I found this article by searching WorldCat, and have ordered it through interlibrary loan, but have not recieved it yet.

  7. Bielmier, Roland. 2006. Yaghnobi. Encyclopedia Iranica. Online: http://www.iranica.com/newsite/articles/ot_grp10/ot_yaghnobi_20060303.html. March 16, 2007.
  8. This online article is one of the best overviews of the Yaghnobi language that I have seen. It also includes an extensive bibliography and history of the study of Yaghnobi.

  9. Bogolyubov, M.N. 1966. The Yaghnobi Language. Languages of the Nations in the USSR, Indo-European languages, Volume 1, Moscow.
  10. Bogolyubov, M. N. 1956. Yagnobi (new Sogdian) language. Research and materials. Abstract from a thesis for doctor of philological sciences, Leningrad. (Боголюбов, М. Н. . Ягнобский (новосогдийский) язык. Исследование и материалы. Автореферат на соискание ученой степени доктора филологических наук.)
  11. I have not been able to get a copy of this text, but would like to see it if anyone knows where it is available. I would love to get an English translation of at least the table of contents.

  12. Comrie, Bernard. 1981. The languages of the Soviet Union. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  13. Pages 155 – 195 comprise the section on Iranian languages, including some typological discussion of Yaghnobi. Comrie states that Khromov’s grammer is the only published grammar of Yaghnobi.

  14. Geiger, W. 1901. Über das Yaghnobi. Gundriss der Iranischen Philologie. Bd I, Abt. 2, 334-344
  15. I have not seen this article yet. It was listed in a bibliography on the now defunct Iranian Languages & Scripts web site.

  16. Jumaev, Rustam. 2000. Iaghnobmarz va mardumi on [Yaghnob ? and it’s people] (Tajik). ed. by Numan Negmatovich Negmatov. Amri Ilm [Command of Science]. Dushanbe. 149 – 159.
  17. I found this book on WorldCat, and have ordered it through interlibrary loan, but have not seen the book yet.

  18. Khromov, A. L. 1972. Yagnobi Language (Russian). Moscow. (А. Л. Хромов. Ягнобский язык)
  19. This book has sections on phonology, morphology, syntax, texts, and a short lexicon. The subjects covered in the morphology and syntax sections are: Nouns, adjectives, numbers, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, exclamations, auxiliaries, prepositions, postpositions, conjunctions, interjections, syntax of sentences, simple sentences, sentences without subjects, incomplete sentences, prolepsis, complex sentences, complex sentences without conjunctions, dependant complex sentences, lexicon, and complex words.

    According to S. Mirzoev, this is the most complete description of Yaghnobi morphology and syntax that has been published. I have an electronic copy of most of this book, and it is also available in the U of O library. I am currently having excerpts translated into English.

  20. Klimchitskiy, S. I. 1940. The Yaghnobis and their language. The Works of Tajik Division of Academy of Science of USSR, Volume IX. Moscow-Leningrad.
  21. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 2006. The Secret Language of Yaghnobi (Tajik). Nomai Pazhohishgoh [Research Institute Letter]. 11-12:211-128.
  22. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 2005. Anthology of Sogdian-Yaghnobi Stories (Tajik and Yaghnobi). Tashkent.
  23. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 2005. “Examples of Yaghnobi Proverbs and Parables” (Tajik). Nomai Pazhohishgoh [Research Institute Letter]. 8-10:211-218.
  24. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 2004. “Yaghnobi Studies” (Tajiki). Kitobi Intstituti Zabon va Adabiyot [Book of the Institute of Language and Literature]. 70:64-66.
  25. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 2002. Lughati YaghnobiiTojikii [Yaghnobi—Tajik Dictionary] (Tajik). Dushanbe: Devashtich. (С. Мирзозода, Луғати яғнобӣ – тоҷикӣ.)
  26. This is the most complete and authoritative Yaghnobi dictionary in existance. It includes definitions for Yaghnobi words in Tajik and example sentences in Yaghnobi with translations in Tajik.

  27. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 2002. “Changes Undergone by some Verbs of the Yaghnobi Language” (Tajiki). Nomai Pazhohishgoh [Research Institute Letter]. 2: 95-102.
  28. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 1998. Farhangi Zaboni Yaghnobii [Dictonary of the Yaghnobi Language] (Tajik). Dushanbe.
  29. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 1998. Yaghnobii Zivok 4 [Yaghnobi Language for grade 4] (Tajik). Dushanbe: Surushon. (С. Мирзозода, Яғнобӣ зивок 4.)
  30. This book is writtten almost entirely in Tajik with the exception of example words and sentences given in Yaghnobi. The first part of the book gives an intorduction and history of the Yaghnobi people and language, the next section covers Yaghnobi grammar and the rest of the book is a discussion of Yaghnobi vocabulary from the perspective of culture and etymology. There is also a chapter on the “secret” language of the Yahgnobis.

  31. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 1997. Farhangi Masodiri Zabonho va Guiishhoi Eronii Tojikiston[Dictionary of Verbs of the Iranian Languages and Dialects of Tajikistan] (Farsi). Dushanbe: Paivand.
  32. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 1995. Farhangi Zaboni Yaghnob [Dictionary of the Yaghnobi Language] (Farsi). Dushanbe: Paivand.
  33. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 1993. Yaghnobii Zivok 2 [Yaghnobi Language for grade 2] (Tajik and Yaghnobi). Dushanbe: Maorif.
  34. Mirzoev, Saifiddin. 1993. Khonish Kitob 3 [Reading Book for grade 3] (Tajik and Yaghnobi). Dushanbe: Maorif.
  35. This is a collection of stories in Yaghnobi with birief text in Tajik to help students understand the grammar and vocabulary in the Yaghnobi stories.

    General note: Saifiddin Mirzoev often uses the non-Russified patronymic of Mirzozoda. In some of his publications, his name is written Mirzoev, and in others, it is written Mirzozoda.

    I have copies of most of S. Mirzoev’s publications in Tajik and can translate excerpts for anyone who is interested.

  36. Nematov, G. 2004. Alphabet of the Yaghnobi Language (Tajik and Yaghnobi). Dushanbe: Davashtich.
  37. I have a copy of this 1st grade primer which teaches the alphabet using Tajik-Cyrillic orthography and examples of words and sentences in Yaghnobi.

  38. Paul, Daniel and others. 2005. The ethnolinguistic vitality of Yaghnobi. ed. John M. Clifton. Studies in languages of Tajikistan.Dushanbe, Tajikistan and St. Petersburg, Russia: National State University of Tajikistan and North Eurasia Group, SIL International. 65-105
  39. Payne, John R. 1991 .Transitivity and Intransitivity in the Iranian Languages of the U.S.S.R. Issues in Diachronic Syntax. Material for 1991 Linguistic Institute, UC Santa Cruz.
  40. This paper includes several paragraphs on Yaghnobi. It is interesting to note that both Payne and Comrie appear to have relied exclusively on Khromov for their Yaghnobi data.



1. آستان - March 27, 2007

Hello, you wrote you have electronic copies of the books of Andreyev-Peshchereva and Khromov. I’m writing an PhD. disertation on Yaghnobi and I would be very happy if you could send me those “e-books” on my e-mail. I have those books at home from a library, but sometimes it’s better to search in the electronic versions.

Thank you, Lubomir Novak (Prague)

2. birdswords - March 27, 2007

I scanned these copies, so they are not searchable (unless you are able to use OCR to convert them to text), but I will be glad to put them on my server for you to download. I’ll put them on later today. I am very interested to hear that you are writing your PhD on Yaghnobi. What aspect of Yaghnobi are you focusing on? Have done field studies in Tajikistan?

3. آستان - March 28, 2007

I am a student of Indo-european historical linguistics in Prague (Czech republic) – my main focus on Yaghnobi is a historical grammar of the language with some short etymological dictionary. I also have a grant on lexical database of Yaghnobi – it should be a Yaghnobi – Czech – Russian – Tajik – English dictionary also with etymologies and responses in other Iranian languages (mailny Ossetic, Sogdian, Choresmian, Pashto and the Pamir languages)…

I’m planning to go to Tajikistan, but I am waiting if the University would give me some money for it… or later I hope I’ll gt something from the grant…

I’, really happy to find someone interested in Yaghnobi… there are ont so much people (excluding Mr. Sajfiddin Mirzozoda)

4. birdswords - March 29, 2007


I finally had time to post the copy of Khromov’s book that I scanned. I’m going on vacation next week, so I probably won’t get a chance to post the sections of Andreev’s book that I scanned until week after next.

5. آستان - April 2, 2007


thank you for kind “publishing” of the Khromov’s book on the internet. I’ll ask my colleagues if there will be some possibility to get it through the OCR, but now I’m not sure. Now I’m finishing a basic lexical list of Yaghnobi words, compiling together the wordlists of Khromov, Andreyev – Peshchereva and Mirzozoda. As soon as I will finish the basis I can send it to you if you would be interested (but now it is not a dictionary, it’s only a compiled list of Yaghnobi words, no meaning given – it serves to unite various systems of Yaghnobi “orthographies” under one standard norm, the work to compile a real dictionary with the etymologies will go on later…).

6. birdswords - April 4, 2007


I would like very much to see your word list. I will be glad to post it here, or I can add you as a contributing author to this blog and you can post it yourself. I am very excited that we are able to share our work this way, especially since your work is complementary to mine. I am studying the language as it is currently spoken, while you are doing historical linguistics.

7. آستان - April 17, 2007


I sent you by email my lexicon. I also add some other interesting books/articles on Yaghnobi I found.

Émile Benveniste: Un lexique du Yagnobi. Journal Asiatique CCXLIII/2, Paris 1955, s. 139-162.

Heinrich F. J. Junker: Drei Erzählungen auf Yaγnā̊bī. Sitzungsberichte der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften. Philosophisch-historische Klasse. Jahrgang 1914, 14. Heidelberg (: Carl Winter) 1914.

Heinrich F. J. Junker: Arische Forschungen. Yaghnōbī-Studien I. Die Sprachgeographische Gliederung des Yaghnōb-Tales. Abhandlungen der Philologische-historische Klasse der Sächsischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Bd. 41, Nr. 11. Leipzig (: Hirzel) 1930.

Альберт Леонидович Хромов: Ягнобский язык. In: Вера Сергеевна Расторгуева (ed.): Основы иранского языкознания. Новоиранские языки II. – Восточная группа. Москва (: Наука) 1987, s. 644-701.

С. П. Виноградова: Ягнобский язык. In: Языки мира. Иранские языки III. – Восточноиранские языки. Москва (: ИНДРИК) 2000, s. 290-310.

8. bulbul - May 29, 2007


you will find “Geiger, W. 1901. Über das Yaghnobi. Gundriss der Iranischen Philologie” here.

9. Bahrom - May 29, 2007

Bulbul, Thanks very much. Now I just need to find someone to translate the article into English!
(After I learn Russian, I will need to learn German too.)

10. آستان - May 30, 2007

Brian or Bulbul,

does someone of you have or can you get the articles from H. Junkers: “Drei Erzählungen auf Yaγnā̊bī” and “Yaghnōbī-Studien I. Die Sprachgeographische Gliederung des Yaghnōb-Tales” – these are uimpossible to get for me in Prague:(

Please can you help me?


11. Bahrom - May 30, 2007

I have “Drei Erzählungen auf Ya?na°bi” and had already scanned the first 11 pages. They are available here: http://birdswords.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/junker1914pg1-11.pdf
I’ll scan the rest later today (hopefully).

12. Bahrom - May 30, 2007

Here are is the rest of Junker (1914):
If anyone has the time to translate key sections of this article into English it would be very helpful to me (and probably others)!

13. آستان - June 1, 2007


Thank you for posting the Yaghnobi tales, I am in debt 😉

I’m not good in Garman language, abu I learned it for some years, I shall see what can I do with the translation.

14. Bahrom - June 12, 2007

You’re welcome! I have requested “Yaghnōbī-Studien I. Die Sprachgeographische Gliederung des Yaghnōb-Tales” through interlibrary loan. Hopefully I’ll have it later this month. I’ll share it with you when I get it.
Have you found copies of the other publications you listed in your earlier post? Benvenista 1955, Khromov 1987, and Vinogradava 2000? If you could post a two or three sentence description of each, it would be helpful! Scaned copies of any that are out of print or not copyrighted would be great too!

15. آستان - June 13, 2007

I have all articles you mention, unfortunately I do not have a scanner at home, but I can try to scan something when I will visit my parents…

Short anotations:

Benveniste 1955: This is a publication of an unfinished dictionary of Yaghnobi as proposed by R. Gauthiot (Slovar’ jagnobsko-tadžiksko-russko-nemeckij), éE. Benveniste collected analysed material (letters A, B, V/W, G/GH, D, J/Ž, Z, I, Y and part of K/Q), in this dictionary there are mainly Yaghnobi words of Tajik origin. Problem for it’s usage is presented system of transcription, that reflexts a system for transcribing Persian and no stress is marked (and also dictinction between K and Q is weak). In namy cases an atymology of Persian loans from Arabic is given (in the means of original Arabic word).

Khromov 1987: This article is a basis for studies of Yaghnobi from historical perspective – each of Yaghnobi’s sounds is analysed and etymologised and examples from Sogdian are added as a comparison. But etymology of Yaghnobi is the main aim of this work, also an overview of Yaghnobi grammar is given, many facts are compared with Khromov’s published grammar in 1972.

Vinogradova 2000: This work is the newest Russian attempt to outline Yaghnobi grammar, it’s advantage is a new look on Yaghnobi language, unfortunately the author does not bring anything new, it can be said that she only re-writes basic facts published in Khromov 1972 and Khormov 1989.

16. آستان - June 19, 2007

Brian, I have a scanned pdf version of whole book of Andreyev – Peshchereva – Jagnobskije teksty with dictionary, ,if you would be interested I can put them on the web.. Problem is that the file with texts id some 40 MB large, the dictionary is a bit smaller, some 32 MB – I can put it on my private web for a while, but it can’t stay there forever…


17. Bahrom - June 19, 2007

Hi Luboss,

Thanks so much for scanning those books. I just upgraded the storage space for this blog to 1GB so now there’s plenty of room!

By the way I sent you an invitation to become an author on this blog so that you can post your own articles and add things like these scanned books to the “Yaghnobi Language Resources” page. Did you get the invitation? It may have been trapped by your spam filter. Even if you didn’t get the invitation just go to the WordPress home page (www.wordpress.com) and register. Then I’ll add you as an author.

18. آستان - June 20, 2007


I didn’t got any email with the invitation. I posted the book on http://www.gleipni.net/img/jagnobskije_teksty.pdf and http://www.gleipni.net/img/jagnobskije_teksty-slovar.pdf

19. Bahrom - June 20, 2007

Hi Luboss,

Thanks for scanning and uploading Andreyev-Peshchereva 1957. I downloaded the two files and they are very clear- a high quality scan job. Thanks again. There is now more than enough space to accomodate these files in this blog’s upload space. So you can move them here any time.

I’ll send you another invitation to be an author on this blog and hopefully you spam filter won’t block it. (That may be what happened last time.)

20. آستان - June 20, 2007


I controled also the anti-spam list on my email and there is no message. Now I think it is not necessary to solve this problem, on Sunday I’m leaving for txo weeks to Ravenna on a Summer-School of Yaghnobi (Sajfiddin will hold the lessons there). As I’ll return I will write you an email and we can solve the blog problematics 😉


21. Bahrom - July 17, 2007

Hi Luboss,

I’m sending you a new invitation right now. Let me know if you don’t get it.

I hope your time in Ravenna was profitable and enjoyable!


22. آستان - July 17, 2007


I got the invitation, thank you


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