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Hi, I’m Brian Bird, a graduate student at the University of Oregon in the department of linguistics.

My primary language interest is the Iranian language family. I have studied Farsi, Tajik, Pashtu, and Yaghnobi. In addition to Tajik and Yaghnobi, I am also interested in the other languages spoken in Tajikistan: Russian, Uzbek, and the Pamiri languages.

The areas of linguistics that I am interested in are: language description, language acquisition, translation, lexicography, computational linguistics, historical linguistics, morphosyntax, discourse analysis, semantics, and pragmatics.

In my other life, (the one that pays the bills) I write software in C, C++, and Visual Basic.NET for a fantastic little company called Axian. I’ve started learning Java a of couple times, but my clients keep pulling me back to Windows and the empire of Microsoft.

I welcome all of your comments on this and all pages and posts in this blog. But, if you would rather send me a private e-mail, you can do so using the form below.



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