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A. Gunya – Yaghnob Valley July 21, 2010

Posted by آستان in Agriculture, Central Asia, Ethnolinguistics, Geography, Geology, History, Tajikistan, Yaghnobi.

Link for a book of A. Gunya – Yagnob valley – Nature, History, and Changes of a Mountain Community Development in Tajikistan, Moscow 2002.


1. Dr. Sávai János - November 22, 2010

A great book. Unfortunately, my hand was just on the Internet. They are very useful. Could you help me to contact Mr. A. Gunya? Thanks Dr. Sávai János, Hungary

آستان - November 22, 2010

Dear Dr. Sávai

Unfortunatelly I have no contact on Mr. Gunya, I just know about this book from Mr. Sayfiddin Mirzozoda from Tajikistan. But if you are interested, I can get some information about the Yaghnob valley, its culture, language and so on…

2. TajikSEU - February 19, 2011

http://www.yagnob.org This site is supported by Anvar Buzurukov who is initiator and leader of projects of Yagnob Valley Natural Park, Pamir National Park, Shirkent Natural Historical Park.
Dr. Gunya contact is gunyaa@yahoo.com

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