The Yaghnobi

<i>Aspects of Yaghnobi Grammar</i> – Thesis Finished!


In December of last year I submitted my thesis on Yaghnobi grammar to the graduate school of the University of Oregon. After serveral rounds of review and revision, the thesis was accepted. Printed copies are available in the U of O Knight Library and the Linguistics departmentLibrary. I have also uploaded a down-loadable copy  to this blog. Many thanks for all the critique, suggestions, and comments. I have incorporated all of your feedback in one way or another to make this a much better description of Yaghnobi grammar.

Right up to the last day before I submitted this thesis, I wanted to keep revising it. Clearly this is not the final word on Yaghnobi grammar and I hope that I will have the opportunity to continue revising and adding to this project. I also hope that this thesis will be helpful to other linguists and will be an aid in the preservation and revitalization of the Yaghnobi language.

Links to the thesis chapters appear below:

Preliminary Pages

I. Introduction
II. Overview
III. Nominal Morphology
IV. Verbal Morphology
V. Grammatical Relations
VI. Copular Clauses
Back Matter

Comments, critique and suggestions are still welcome!