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The Ethnolinguistic Vitality of Yaghnobi July 17, 2010

Posted by آستان in Central Asia, Endangered Languages, Ethnolinguistics, fieldwork, language, language documentation, Linguistics, Tajik, Tajikistan, Uncategorized, Yaghnobi.

A survey on Yaghnobi published on the SIL website – SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2010-017: The ethnolinguistic vitality of Yaghnobi by Daniel Paul, Elisabeth Abbess, Katja Müller, Calvin Tiessen and Gabriela Tiessen.

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1. Vjaĉeslav - July 17, 2010

Thank you a lot for making this document available.

Bahrom - July 20, 2010

You’re welcome!

2. Josh Day - July 20, 2010

I was wondering whether I may read a copy of your thesis on the Taghnobi language. I am very interested in this small, ethic population in Tajikistan.

3. Bahrom - July 20, 2010

Yes, it is available for download in multiple .pdf files at this link: http://yaghnobi.wordpress.com/yaghnobi-language/aspects-of-yaghnobi-grammar/

4. AL AZEMMOURI NAWEL - August 16, 2011

Thank you a lot for making this document available.

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